Rehabilitation for Lumbar Spine Recovery: The Science and the Truth
A focus on multifidus for neutral spine posture is the source of many failed low back rehabilitation programs.

So, Grasshopper, why are you sitting there contemplating your navel? Oh, right, because you hurt your back and the authorities told you to “pull your belly button in” and that until you could isolate your holy of holies - the mystical transverse abdominis (TVA) - you could not progress any further.

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Firefighter Workout: Cycle 2, Week 5
Firefighting requires a unique set of skills and physical abilities. Build the stamina, strength, endurance, and power you need to perform in physically and mentally demanding situations.

These workouts are designed by full-time firefighter and coach Lars Bredahl. Lars has been involved in various aspects of firefighting, including working on the Firefighter Combat Challenge Team and working as a trainer for his co-workers. Lars brings his years of experience and expertise together to create this workout program.

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Dynamic Flexibility Training a Bit of a Stretch, Says New Study
We’ve heard the bad news about static stretching, but the alternative doesn’t always work, either.

Many athletic programs employ dynamic stretching in order to avoid the negative effects of static stretching. However, a recentstudy in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research suggests dynamic stretching might not actually be any better. 

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Mature Athlete: Cycle 10, Weeks 1-6
Cycle 10 of the Mature Athlete Program focuses on a simple yet effective 3-day per week menu consisting of joint-friendly exercises.

Admit it. You’ve been training for years and have experienced aches and pains on occasion.

Even if your training has been orthopedically-safe, there is regular wear-and-tear on your joints. It’s inevitable. Unfortunately, it’s going to happen if you do something as opposed to nothing. However, you can at least continue training provided you emphasize safe training modes.

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Sport Specific Workouts: Cross-Country Running - Weeks 1-6
The purpose of this program is to increase explosive strength as well as absolute strength, while maintaining endurance, without overtraining the athlete.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Terrance Gant is the assistant varsity football coach and defensive coordinator at Tempe high school in Tempe, Arizona. He also doubles as the head strength and conditioning coach for some of the sports programs.

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Kettlebell Workout: Cycle 12: 12-Week Strength and Endurance Program
Follow this 12-week kettlebell-based training program to increase your strength and endurance without sacrificing mobility or flexibility.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Brandon Hofer is a StrongFirst Level II-certified kettlebell instructor, personal trainer, yoga practitioner, father and husband, and defender of the kaizen way of life and health. He helps clients recover from weakness, injuries, surgeries, accidents, and chronic medical conditions by blending various styles of kettlebell training and yoga practice.

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Mommy and Me Workout: Cycle 1, Week 1
Mommy and me workouts are functional, effective training routines you can do with little ones running around.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Nicole Crawford is a certified personal trainer and women’s fitness specialist (NASM) and a pre- and post-natal fitness specialist (AFPA). Nicole thinks all moms should have the opportunity and support they need to stay fit. She volunteers at crisis pregnancy centers and is completing DONA International’s requirements to become a certified birth doula. Connect with Nicole:

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Special Forces Workout: Cycle 2, Week 10
Whether you want to join Special Forces or train at this level, this nine-month program uses an intelligent progression incorporating injury-proofing, strength, stamina, and toughness training.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Special Forces workouts are written by Wes Kennedy. Wes developed his passion for fitness during his eight years in the Canadian Forces. He spent the last five of those eight years as a Special Forces Operator, which required him to develop into a mentally tough and physically robust individual.

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Yoga Workouts, Phase 2 - Core Focus, Cycle 7, Week 3
These workouts combine kettlebell swings, bodyweight core movement and yoga sequences.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Yoga Workouts are written by Breaking Muscle founder Mindith Rahmat. Mindith is an E-RYT 500 Certified Yoga Therapist and Teacher. Mindith has studied under illuminating yoga teachers including, Joseph and Lillian LePage, Baron Baptiste, Bryan Kest, Shiva Rea, Rod Stryker, and recently with Master Paulie Zink.

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BJJ & MMA Workouts: Cycle 7 - Week 3
Cycle 7 is a well-rounded strength and conditioning plan for the MMA and BJJ athlete that still allows plenty of time and energy for mat time and skills work.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Mike Marcinek is the strength and conditioning coach at Scranton MMA and is the owner of NEPA Fit Club/Driven Athletics.

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