Focus On Effort, Not Results (Athlete Journal 104)
Sometimes we get so caught up in measuring results that we forget to focus on the quality and quantity of our efforts.

If you care about your lifting, it’s only natural to focus intently on the results of your efforts. There’s an intrinsic problem to this, however. Caring too much about the result of your effort can significantly impair the effort itself.

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The World’s Most Athletic Sport - Weightlifting (Video)
This video will get you fired up - there’s no question about that. But it’s not your everyday lifting video.

This video will get you fired up - there’s no question about that. But it’s not your everyday lifting video. This one takes you through a journey. A voyage of the emotions that present themselves at a weightlifting meet.

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Nitrates and Nitrites: Should We Stop Eating Bacon?
Do you know where the majority of your nitrates and nitrites come from? The answer may surprise you.
One of the major arguments against eating cured meats such as bacon is the dangers of nitrates and nitrites. Now, I love me some bacon, so I’d like to figure out if this is a legitimate fear. 

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17 Tips for Getting Better at Rowing
Follow this list of tips and you’ll be a more efficient, less injured, and happier rower. You’ll have more left for the other elements in your workouts, too.

Years ago when I first started training in CrossFit, I hated rowing. In actuality I just didn’t know how to do it correctly, so I was horribly inefficient and, therefore, unhappy with both my experience of rowing and my performance.

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Curls Get the Girls: How to Build a Better Arm Workout
Despite what the anti-bodybuilding crowd says, isolated arm training can be functional, too. Here’s how to do it the right way.

Bodybuilding has gotten a bad rap over the last few years as “functional fitness” has become the new trend. While full-body exercises like the squat, clean, and deadlift should form the basis of much of your training, you don’t need to get rid of isolated exercises completely.

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WilkWear Padded Collarbone Compression Shirt (Product Review)
Tired of sporting ugly bruises from clean and jerks or front squats? This shirt will take the beating for you.

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How to Analyze Which of Your Lifts Need Attention
You have to do a certain amount of every lift to ensure strength and skill development. But how do you know which is weakest and how to adapt your training?

Last week we looked at an overview of volume or tonnage calculation in analyzing your training load. This week we take a look at how that figure can be broken down and analyzed further. It is one thing to say that your average intensity is 100 kilos, but it makes a great deal of difference how that average is made up.

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Why All Swim Coaches Should Coach a Kids Camp
It’s amazing what just four hours with these kids has taught me as a coach. While the idea of swimming doesn’t change, the difference is in how you teach.

This week I am in the process of helping coach a youth triathlon camp. We work on swimming, cycling, and running skills, and I’ve been working with a group of twenty kids to help them succeed in these three sports. It’s amazing what just four hours with these kids has taught me as a coach.

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Fight for the Right to Recess: 3 Reasons Kids Need Break Time
Many schools are shortening recess or even eliminating it altogether. Here are some reasons that’s a bad idea.

According to the United Nations, the opportunity for play and recreation is a fundamental human right of every child:

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How to Recycle and Progress Your Nutrition (Just Like Your Lifting)
Why do we think it’s okay to jump into a crazy diet to get leaner? That’s like saying “I want to deadlift, so I’m going to deadlift as heavy as I can every day.”

Recycling our lifting programs is a no-brainer. We start small and train the pattern. We go bigger and get stronger. We add speed to become more powerful. We train symmetry and get solid in our movement. Then we take a break, and start back from the beginning, this time at slightly better beginning.

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